(Mattie) is doing really well. I’m spreading the word about all you did to help us and teach us.

Rosanne Brady

Gillie’s Peaceful Pets was a lifesaver for us! We were on the verge of giving a very problematic rescue dog back to the rescue because of severe separation anxiety and bathroom issues. Our poor guy was a nervous, crazy mess! Flash forward to us just celebrating his one year “gotcha day” and we couldn’t be happier with our rescue. His anxiety is a million times better and we have gone from him having to wear a diaper in the house and his crate to him roaming freely in the house, diaper free! I cannot say enough amazing things about this dog trainer. She is SO knowledgeable and really knows the ins and outs about dog behavior…the causes and how to implement solutions! Before working with her I really thought our new dog was going to be a lost cause…but he is such a different dog today!

Amelia Smith

I want to thank you for your support and please know that without you I’m not sure what I would have done! Thank you for everything you have done for Tucker!

Jorene Bills

I adopted a golden retriever with pretty severe separation anxiety. Michelle with Gillie’s Peaceful Pets has been a lifesaver. She is so gentle and responsive to our needs. My dog now willingly goes into her crate and is well on her way to a peaceful separation.

Julia Witten

Your help with our shy hider dog started us on a good journey of understanding our sweet pet. She is still cautious, but very able to receive affection now and be out and about with us. I have a treat bag belt for walks and she has some tricks she will do. We certainly needed your guidance at a key time.

Linda Diller

Michelle taught our dog Mayzie how to adjust to people coming in the house. She also learned how to play with a toy that distributes food. Mayzie will not play with toys and Michelle had a ball that rolled out food. She is food driven and perfect for her to be active.

Judy VanNiman

From our first appointment Michelle helped us understand our dog and gave us the tools to improve her bad behaviors. Our home became a peaceful place again.

Meghan Grabill

I have been working with Michelle since the beginning of the summer when we got our puppy Daisy. I have been working with Michelle privately since Daisy was not an easy puppy. We had biting issues as well as other dominance and behavioral challenges.
I am happy to report that little Daisy is becoming a joy to be around and I have Michelle to thank. I highly recommend investing in private lessons if you have a dog with behavioral issues first before going to the group format. Michelle is simply the best trainer i have ever encountered and is worth every penny.

Lisa Hoffman